Columbia Greene Community College Skills Clinic



PAL Hoops Players – just because we have finished the PAL Hoops season doesn’t mean you should stop practicing – EVER!  Here are some links to some local college basketball camps:

The College of Saint Rose - http://www.strosebasketballcamp.com/

SAGE College - http://www.sagegators.com/information/MBB_CAMP_BROCHURE_14.pdf (Boys camp, girls camp to be announced soon)

Siena College - http://www.sienasaints.com/camps/siena-camps-boys-basketball.html (boys)

Siena College - http://www.sienasaints.com/camps/siena-camps-girls-basketball.html (girls)

Albany Academy - *this is their 2013 webpage, but check back to see if they have updated for 2014.  http://straightshooterscvc.org/Camps.aspx

SUNY Albany - *this is their 2013 webpage, but check back to see if they have updated for 2014.  https://albanyhoops.sportssignup.com/?DB_OEM_ID=15800

Team Albany 360 - http://www.teamalbanyedubasketball360.com/default.html

Koubek Camps - http://www.koubekcamps.com/

Fast Break Fund - http://www.fastbreakfund.org/fast-break-camps/

CBA - *this is their 2013 webpage, but check back to see if they have updated for 2014.  http://www.cbaalbany.org/blog/2013/05/09/cba-basketball-2013-summer-basketball-camp-runs-july-15-19/

Jimmer Jam Camp – meet and work with Glens Falls native Jimmer Fredette, now playing in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls. http://www.jimmerjamcamp.com/


The camps listed on this link are all over NY, but you will find some camps in our area too:




Thank you to all players for participating in the Skilz Challenge on March 1st.

Winners are:

Erin Mogul, girls grade 3/4/5

Maddy Osborn, girls grade 7/8

Dillon Hynes, boys grade 3/4

Killian Schrader, boys grade 5/6

Tyler Oravsky, boys grade 7/8



K of C Free Throw Competition:

We had over 50 competitors in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition on February 8.  The winners of our local competition went on to the regional competition on March 1 at Catholic Central in Troy.

Meadow Bell

Killian Schrader

Lorenzo Richardson

Donny Blowers

Maddy Osborn

Casey Carroll

Joshua Kiefer


Maddy Osborn won her division after 3 tie-breaker shoot-offs!  Maddy will be attending the state level competition later this month in Harrison NY.  Way to go!!


The 2014 Coxsackie PAL Basketball Hoop SkilZ Challenge will be held on Saturday, March 1st.  The SkilZ Challenge is a great way to end our PAL Basketball Season.  The Challenge is based off the NBA All-Star Skills Challenge that is held every year at the All-Star game.  We don’t have the same fancy equipment they have, but it is very similar in nature.  Players will be timed on their navigation of the course that is set up on the court.  Players begin in the corner with the ball positioned on the first cone.  When the buzzer sounds, the player takes the ball, dribbles to the hoop and shoots a layup.  The player then dribbles through a course of cones as they head up the court.  Once through the cones the player must make an accurate pass off of a net (the ball will return to the player off the net), then dribble towards the other basket for another layup.  Another set of cones to dribble through, another pass off the opposite net, and finally a third layup at the basket where we started.  The timer ends when the basket is made or when the shot is missed.  Players will NOT be penalized for missing shots, however 1.5 seconds will be taken off their time for each made basket. The quicker the player goes through the cones with a good dribble will decrease their time.  Additionally, if they make an errant pass off the net, they will be chasing their ball down and increase their time.  The challenge is set up to incorporate the important parts of individual skills – dribbling, passing, and shooting. Grades 3 through 8 girls will go in the morning and then grades 3 through 8 boys will go in the evening.  Trophies will be given to the player with the best time in grade 3/4/5 girls, grade 7/8 girls, grade 3/4 boys, grade 5/6 boys, and grade 7/8 boys.  Good luck!


Schedule for the season is now posted. Master Calendar is below and individual program schedules can be found on the Game Schedule Page (link to the left)